Challenging the simplicity

Microfluidics and Organ on chip technologies


Culture patch was designed for 3D cell culture to reconstitute basement membrane in vitro. The culture patch was was obtained by self-assembling type IV collagen and laminin with a monolayer of crosslinked gelatin nanofibers and a patterned honeycomb microframe.  

Advanced cell culture system has been developed for automated cell culture and stem cells differentiation.   It is also flexible and robust for studying  complex biological processes and building in vitro disease models by fluidic physiology condition mimicking.

Organ on chip is a high potential technology allowing simulating the mechanics and physiology of human organs in vitro. It turns out the powerful tools which can  be used  for acceleration of  drug development: faster,  lower cost and more accurate.  

Integrated chips were manufactured by mass production. The upper part is a plastic plate with standard luer connectors and an elastomeric thin film for conformal contact with the lower part in which microfluidic circuits can be patterned. The lower part can be a sheet in plastic, elastomeric, glass, silicon or other materials.

Integration chips were designed for membrane or customized elements  integration. An elastomeric thin film on the pre-patterned plastic plates could ensure good sealing without leakage when clamped. It can also be used to incorporate micro electro arrays/optical fibers for detection due to the flexibility of reversible assembling.

Flow controller was designed for experimentation in physics, chemistry, biology, biomedicine and  different engineering fields. It is versatile and flexible, allowing easy and automatic control of complex fluidic (gas, liquid, electric) processes.  It is a compact and open source platform for professional system development.

solutions & applications

Microfluidic solutions: from component to system

organ chip solutions: from cell culture patch to microphysiology

bioproduction solutions: from validation to manufacturing


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MesoBioTech is a spin-off of the microfluidics laboratory at the Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS) of Paris with the participation of PSL foundation (Paris Science Letter Research University).  The ENS laboratory itself is a part of the Institute of Pierre De Gennes for Microfluidics and the UMR 8640 of CNRS, ENS and Sorbonne University .