Integrated chips

Integrated chips are manufactured by mass production. The basic element of the chip (upper part) is a plastic plate with standard Luer connectors and an elastomeric thin film for conformal contact with the lower part in which microfluidic circuits can be patterned. While the lower part can be a sheet in plastic, elastomeric, glass, silicon or other materials, standard elements such as mixing Y-channels, gradient Xmas trees, droplet generators, etc. can be patterned.  The upper and the lower part of the chip can be reversely or irreversibly assembled.

Main features

Schema of integrated chips configuration and composition 

standard patterns


Chip size

55 mm x 25 mm x 4 mm

Channel depth


Channel width



Glass or PDMS


Polycarbonate/silicon  film


Luer (1/16)


Droplet production

High throughput production of mono disperse microdroplets

laminar flow

High spatial resolution control of multi laminar flow within integrated chips

gradient generation

Wide range concentration gradient using Christmas tree like chip


High efficiency microfluidic capillary eletrophoresis separation