Fluidic accessories

MsoBioTech provides patent protected accessories for general microfluidics and stem cell devices, including

  • Bottle caps: Typically, a metallic female thread and a female Luer are embedded respectively in the center of and aside a bottle cap. Caps with 5 female threads is also available. These female threads are compatible with the commonly used fluidic connectors such as female Luer with barb panel mount and bulkhead, female Luer with male thread, flat-bottom nuts with ferrule, etc.

Cap1b Cap5         IMG_20180124_161457.jpg

  • Chip clamps: Including i) Hand screw open-clamp, ii) Hand screw close-clamp, iii) Inox loose-leaf clamp, and iv) Hand screw multiple open-clamps (patent protected). Good sealing can be achieved with our elastoplastic chips.

Clamp1  clampscrewSmall  Clamp  Clamp4

  • Patch handling device for Boyden chamber like cell based assays with 2 inch dish and 6 well plates.

Boyden device    BoydenB.jpg

  • Luer connectors and tubes: They are selected for various routing work with MesoBioTech chips and instruments.