Integration chips

The integration chips are formed by two plastic plates with predefined micro-chambers and micro-channels in both plastic plates. On each plate, an elastomeric thin film was assembled to ensure good sealing when clamped. They are typically used for reversible integration of different types of micro elements including  the micro filter, cell culture patch, microelectrodes, MEMS chip etc. After fluidic processing with the chip, the integrated elements can be released for other  operations such as microscopy observation,  in situ staining, etc.  

Main features

Schema of integration chips configuration and composition 


Quick Installation


Upper plate size/Lower plate size

55 mm x 25 mm x 3 mm

Channel & chamber depth


Channel width


Chamber inner diameter


Dimension for membrane insert

Φ 13 X 0.2 mm²


Polycarbonate/silicon  film


Luer (1/16)



cTC Isolation

Fluorescence images of Circulating tumor cells isolation from blood samples with microfilter integration chip

Tumor spheroid

Microscopy image of tumor spheroid formation on micro-cages assays within integration chips

platelet production

Production of platelets by using iPS cells derived Megakaryocyte with conical-hole microfilter integration chips

ecoli trapping

Fluorescence image of Single E.Coli captured on AAO membrane integration chips