Integration Chips

The integration chips are formed with two plastic plates, each having an elastomeric thin film to ensure good sealing when clamped. They are typically used for patch and filter integration for which micro-chambers and micro-channels are predefined in both plastic plates.


For filtration, one inlet (outlet) channel is patterned on the upper (lower) plate with a Luer connector. An elastomeric thin film with some removed areas can be added to improved the sealing. Similarly, inlet and outlet chambers are patterned in both plates for organ on-a-chip applications. When a tissue patch is placed between the two plates, culture media containing different factors can flow in the upper and lower chambers separated by the patch so tissue model such as skin, alveolar, stomach, brain-blood are envisaged.


Good sealing is achievable with a loose-leaf clamp or screw enhanced assembling. After fluidic processing with the chip, the integrated elements can be released for other operations. Clamps