Culture Controller


« Culture Controller» is a prototype for long-term culture and differentiation of human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiSPCs). It is designed for in-vivo mimicking  of nutrient feeding in a perfusion-diffusion regime.   It allows reducing time and laborious efforts as well as risks of contamination.

Control Unit

Typically, a «Culture Controller» is composed of a central unit to control micro-flow processing, a culture unit placed in an incubator and a cold unit to store and supply culture media with selected factors. The whole hiPSC differentiation processes can then be programmed with minimum human intervention and good reproducibility.

The center unit of the system can also be combined with other fluidic element, allowing automated cell sorting, labeling, SEM sample preparing, etc.

The system is applicable to both dish and chip based assays as well as Culture Patch and Tissue Patch developed by MesoBioTech. More sophisticated culture systems are under exploration.

Culture Unit