stem cell devices

culture patch

Cell culture patch was designed for 3D cell culture with  reconstituted artifical basement membrane in vitro. The culture patch was was obtained by self-assembling type IV collagen and laminin with a monolayer of crosslinked gelatin nanofibers and a patterned honeycomb microframe. Compare to conventional 2D culture devices (culture dish, flasks etc.), It allows generating stable and functional 3D cell/tissue assays in vitro.

organ on chip

Organ on chip is a high potential technology allowing simulating the mechanics and physiology of human organs in vitro. It turns out the powerful tools which can  be used  for acceleration of  drug development: Faster,  lower cost and more accurate.  Integration OOC chips are designed to incorporate culture patch cultured with multi types of cells. With advanced cell culture systems, it is possible to emulate specific  organ function or build multi organ circulating systems.

advanced cell culture

Advanced cell culture system has been developed for automated cell culture and stem cells differentiation in order to reduce laborious efforts and decreasing risks of contamination. It is also flexible and robust for studying  complex biological processes and building in vitro disease models by fluidic physiology condition mimicking.