general microfluidics

integrated chips

Integrated chips were manufactured by mass production. The upper part is a plastic plate with standard Luer connectors and an elastomeric thin film for conformal contact with the lower part in which microfluidic circuits can be patterned. The lower part can be a sheet in plastic, elastomeric, glass, silicon or other materials.

integratION chips

Integration chips were designed for membrane or customized elements  integration. An elastomeric thin film on the pre-patterned plastic plates could ensure good sealing without leakage when clamped. It can also be used to incorporate micro electro arrays/optical fibers for detection due to the flexibility of reversible assembling.

flow controller

Flow controller was designed for experimentation in physics, chemistry, biology, biomedicine and  different engineering fields. It is versatile and flexible, allowing easy and automatic control of complex fluidic (gas, liquid, electric) processes.  It is a compact and open source platform for professional system development.


Multi type chip clamps were designed to cooperate with our integration chips for different purpose applications. Quick assembling /disassembling  and good sealing can be achieved with our chips with help of these clamps.


Micro-engineered filters were designed and fabricated with different shape, size and density of the holes. The micro holes are highly regular distributed with high precision size definition allowing filtration with high throughput.