Culture Patch

Culture patch with monolayer nano-filers on a frame

Culture patch is a device of monolayer nanofibers deposited on a patterned microframe. It is morphologically and materially in-vivo like extracellular matrix. Typically, it is used for off-ground cell culture. When used for culture and differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells, it allows minimizing the exogenous contact and increasing the nutrient uptake as well as the tissue organization. It is compatible not only with the conventional tools such as culture dish, multi-wells and Boyden chambers but also with advanced assay.

Boyden chamber
Culture patch
Aligned fibers
Cells on a patch


Depending on applications, we provide cell patch with different configurations and made of different kinds natural biomaterials or synthetic biodegradable polymers listed in the table:

Culture Patch Parameters

Patch size

13, 25, 37,47mm
Nanofibers material Gelatin, Collagen, PLGA
Nanofibers diameter 100-500 nm
Nanofibers thickness <1um
Porosity  60-80%
Frame materials  Epoxy, PEGDA, PLGA, Gelatin
Frame structures  Circle, Honeycomb
Micropattern size 200, 500,1000um
Frame thickness 20, 50, 100um


  • Mammalian cell culture
  • hiPSC culture and differentiation
  • Tissue formation
  • Organoids formation
  • Drug discovery