Flow Controllers

FC-PVL3 Front  PVL3back  HP1aHP1b

Front-back panel of flow controller model FC-PVL3 (left) and FC-HP1 (right).

Model FC-PVL3 is an integrated system for general microfluidic processing. It is composed of built in pump, vacuum pump, solenoid valves, pressure  regulators, rotary valve and pressure sensors. It also has 5V, 12V and 24V outputs, analog inputs and outputs as well as RS232 and TTL serial communication interfaces which controls external elements.

Model FC-HP1 is a microfluidic controller with high precision pressure regulation. It is composed of built in pump, solenoid valves, high precision pressure  regulators, and pressure sensors. It also has 5V and 24V outputs, analog inputs and outputs as well as RS232 serial communication interfaces which controls external elements.

Offline operation: All internal and some of the external elements can be controlled with the front panel buttons and knobs. The user defined program sequences or algorithms can also be chosen for automatic operations.

Online operation: Computer programs in C++, Matlab or Android are prepared with appropriate graphical interface to facilitate the control and monitoring or to download program sequences or algorithm into the apparatus for offline operations.

Network operation: The remote control is feasible with Bluetooth, wireless or Ethernet using smartphones, tablets and other terminals. In addition, they can easily communicate with other MesoBioTech instruments and commonly used devices such as NI-Daq modules, CCD cameras, spectrometers, electrochemical station, etc. for monitoring or feedback control. Finally, MesoBioTech provides open sources or SDK for uses’ development. 

Configuration and specifications of Model FC-PVL3

  • Air pump (4 mbar – 0.9 bar, noise < 65 db)
  • Vacuum pump (-0.5 bar – 4 mbar, noise < 65 db)
  • 4 electronic pressure regulators (accuracy ± 1 mbar)
  • 8 solenoid valves (response time 0.1 s)
  • 2 release valves (response time 0.1 s)
  • 10 channel rotary valve (response time 1 s)
  • 8 voltage (12V ) outputs
  • 6 analog outputs inputs
  • 1 TTL serial output
  • 2 RS232 connectors with 5V, 12V and 24V supply
  • Bluetooth and wireless module
  • 4KB EPPROM (for numerical sequence storage)
  • 1G SD card memory (for data storage)
  • User graphical interface
  • Gas flow 0-1.1 L /min
  • Liquid flow rate 0-10 ml / min
  • Weight: 4.5 kg
  • Size: 27.5 × 25 × 11 cm

Working conditions

  • Power: 12V-4A DC or portable power
  • Temperature range: 10-50 ℃
  • Humidity range: 20-80%
  • Minimum PC configuration: Intel Core i5-4xxx, 4G memory, Win7, USB 2.0
  • Support software: c++, Matlab, Android, Arduino

 Optional accessories

  • Sensirion flow-meters
  • Solenoid valves
  • Rotary valve
  • Liquid distribution valve
  • Low noise pressure source (2 bar, -1 bar, noise < 40 db)
  • Fast CCD camera
  • Microscope stage
  • Optical spectrometer
  • Electrochemical station


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