MesoBioTech provides the following products for innovation in research, education and industrial applications:   

Products for general microfluidics

  • Integrated chips for plug-and-play micro-flow processing
  • Integration chips for reversible assembling of patches and filtres
  • Flow controller for multi-functional flow switch and regulation
  • Accessories for flow connections, chip clamping, etc.

Products for stem cell based assays

  • Culture patch with monolayer nanofibers
  • Culture controller for automated cell processing
  • Tissue patch using human pluripotent stem cells
  • Organ on-a-chip for integrated modeling


Why choose MesoBioTech?

  • MesoBioTech’s solutions are generally simple, standardized and systematic.
  • MesoBioTech’s chips are mass fabricated but flexible to incorporate new patterns.
  • MesoBioTech’s patches are nature-inspired for both in-vitro and in-vivo assays.
  • MesoBioTech’s controllers are multifunctional for general microfluidic applications.


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